Let's get right to it: I've been in and out of therapy since I was 3. 

I’ve survived sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence, emotional abuse, assault, addiction, disordered eating, self hate, suicide attempts, financial struggle, cutting and more. I’m a warrior. A survivor. And for years, that was all I thought I was.

The one who gets through. Who makes shit happens. And who accomplishes everything with perceived ease and grace.

Maybe you relate.

People compliment you, tell me how strong and resilient you are. They’ve been telling you you’re mature, and powerful, and wise beyond your age for years. But you’re sick of just surviving. Of hustling and stressing and worrying and pushing ALL THE TIME.

It’s taken a lot of effort, learning, and dedication to heal the wounds, trauma and pain I’ve healed. And even more persistence to create the thriving life, relationship, community, business and impact I desire.

I've tried so many modalities, tools, practices and techniques to heal the wounds I came into this life to heal. And as a result, I have an incredible toolbox that I get to share with you. 

I created this page for anyone who's not clear on what I do or how I do it. 

This page gives you an overview of the primary tools I use in my work - as well as links to how you can experience each tool for yourself.

Please note - this is a brief overview, and does not encompass the entirety of the work I do. My work is highly intuitive, and tailors to the needs of each client. Because you're more complex than a page on a website - our work will be, too.

My Medicine | all the tools

Embodiment practice




Shadow Integration

Inner Child Healing

Human Design

Storytelling + rewriting

Daily practice + accountability

Subconscious Reprogramming

EFT (Tapping)

Chakra Healing & Diagnostics

Nutrition + Physical Health

Divine feminine + masculine energy


Emotional freedom technique (aka tapping)

I'm a big believer that the bulk of our material world is the result of our subconscious programming. 

As in, you don't create the life you desire from the affirmations and positive thinking tools - but instead from the deeply ingrained beliefs that dictate most of your thoughts, patterns and behaviors. 

This is why a lot of people - like me - spend years in talk therapy only to feel frustrated, broken and utterly hopeless.

Heads up - you are NOT hopeless. There is nothing wrong with you. The problem is just that you've been trying to change something subconscious from a conscious place. And that will never work.

All the positive thinking in the world will only get you so far as long as you're avoiding the shadow work and the reprogramming.

That's where EFT comes in. 

EFT allows you to essentially do brain surgery on yourself - no incision required. By stimulating different acupressure points while working with positive psychology and reprogramming techniques, you're able to soften and reprogram beliefs and stories that have been keeping you blocked.

Access my hour long EFT Masterclass to learn more.


My entrance to personal development, healing and spirituality was through the physical body - specifically, through yoga. 

Through my own healing and yoga practice, I've come to learn that one core challenge most of us face is a lack of embodiment. 

Basically, because of some core wound and/or conditioning, we're living from our brains, and have become disconnected from the wisdom in our bodies.

Embodiment work uses breath, movement and sound to get you to feel into your body again, allowing you to move negative energy, traumas, and   anything blocking you from owning your full worth and magnetism.

When you practice embodiment, you'll start to cultivate your own quantum magnetism, literally feeling the vibrations of your ability to create everything you desire.



I really don't like the word should, and encourage my clients to do their best to remove it from their vocabularies... but one area where I break my own rule is around meditation. 

I believe everyone should meditate. It's important to create a meditation practice that feels good for you, but giving yourself time to get quiet, nurture your intuition, connect to your breath and move through resistance is absolutely life changing.

I guide my clients through creating their own practice - ranging from moving meditations to Kundalini, guided meditations to breath work and everywhere in between.

Download my guided meditation album to get started.



As much as embodying the physical is a key component to living your fullest life, healing the energetic body is just as important.

Working with the chakras allows us to become aware of and heal the main channels in the energetic body. 

By healing and clearing the 7 main chakras, you can balance your energy, increase your ability to manifest, enhance your intuition, get clarity on your life's purpose and more.

Access my free 7 day Chakra Abundance Activation Course to start working with these powerful energy centers.