Welcome gorgeous!

Here’s what I know for sure…

I believe that people who feel good, who know their worth and how to use their power make the world a better place.

Seriously - take a moment now to imagine…

  • If you had more than enough time to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

  • If you had more than enough money, no debt, all your needs, wants and desires were met and you had a fat bank account, what would you do?

  • If you weren’t weighed down by anxiety, fears of not being enough, worries about being too much and past traumas, what would you do?

The life, love and legacy of your dreams is available for you. You can have it all.

I think part of you knows that - and that’s why you’re here.

Because you want to have it all.

The dreamy romance, the sexy, strong body, the limitless confidence, the community, the support, the freedom and adventure and bliss.

Imagine living your life based FIRST on what you desire. On what brings you the most joy, pleasure and fulfillment.

That’s what you get when you take your power back. When you get in the drivers seat of your life and stop living the same patterns and playing out the same stories that have left you feeling stuck, stressed and broke.

Because people who are stuck, stressed and broke aren’t changing the world.

And sister, I believe that you’re here to have a massive impact, massive influence, and massive income. And I want to help you create a life you’re obsessed with, and a business that let’s you have it all.

So I just have one question for you…

Take Your Power Back?.png

Take Your Power Back is a self-study course that guides you through how to create everything you want and heal anything that’s in your way.

It’s your ticket to HELL YES to impact, influence, income. To your dream life, love and legacy.

And HELL NO to stuck, stressed and broke.

Yes to being the victor of your life, and no to playing the victim.

Yes to owning and fully embodying your limitless, divine power - and no to feeling powerless.

You’ll get videos trainings, journaling prompts and guided practices to support you along the way.

Each week, your new content will unlock. Here’s what we’ll cover…


  • Creating Your Foundation: Boundaries, Energy Leaks, & Manifestation 101

  • What Is Survival Mode? How Chronic Stress & Trauma Impact You and Block Your Manifestations

  • Make Your Miracle Morning

  • Quantum Manifesting + Embodiment


  • The Process of Healing

  • Self Healing 101: Divine Masculine + Feminine Energies in Healing

  • Transformational Tapping

  • Journaling for Self Healing & Transformation

  • Emotional Expression + Embodiment


  • Intuition & Aligned Action

  • Infuse your Practice into Your Life; Shifting Quickly and Acting As If

  • Weekly Manifestation Ritual

After you complete this course, you will…

  • Have a solid foundation in your daily alignment practice and rituals - and be able to make it stick

  • Feel more confidence and momentum toward creating the life you desire

  • Know how to use three of the most powerful self-healing tools - and when to use them

  • Stop acting from triggers, old wounds and limiting beliefs - and stop getting triggered

  • Experience more miracles and faster manifestations in your daily life

The tools and processes I teach you in this course are the same powerful tools that I share in Divine Desires and my private mentorship. And now, they’re available to you. This work has helped my clients…

  • Heal painful relationships with their parents and family

  • Manifest dream jobs, unexpected income, travel and abundance in many forms

  • Bring love back into their lives - from friends, mentors, and relationships

  • Start their dream businesses and build their incredible legacies

  • Increase impact, influence and income in the areas that matter most to them

And so much more. If you want to read MORE past client experience, check out my testimonials here.

And to sweeten the deal? When you complete the course and submit your ritual & experience to me and my team, you’ll get a free private coaching session with me.