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I want to discover my purpose and create massive IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INCOME doing what I love.

I want to learn self-healing tools to stop being blocked by limiting beliefs and my past pain and traumas.

I want to learn how to use my chakras as the map heal my energy, raise my frequency and manifest everything I desire.

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You know you have what it takes to survive… you’ve made it this far, and you’ve proven it.

Work with me to learn how to thrive.


My clients blow my mind with their incredible results, manifestations and shifts. The biggest transformations are mental and emotional - imagine feeling HAPPY, intimately connected to yourself and your loved ones, clear on your purpose and how to bring your dreams into reality, POWERFUL, confident and madly in love with your life.

That’s what I do. I get messages every week from past and current clients telling me that they had no idea life could be this good.

“I’ve worked with many coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers, what I LOVE about Chelsea is that not only does she help you identify and feel your way through your old trauma but she helps you find the action you need to take to get yourself out of the cycle. THAT IS POWERFUL & RARE.”

- Julie Bottini

“Before working with Chelsea I felt like I was broken. I was stuck in a victim mindset and though I wanted to be happy and heal from past trauma, I truly didn't believe I ever would. After working with Chelsea for just a few months, I don't believe that anymore. I feel more excited about my life than I have in a long time, and its because of all the beautiful healing work Chelsea has guided me in.”

- C.H.

"The work we did together was amazing. My confidence has increased immensely! I trust my gut more than ever and have made wonderful life choices because of it. Chelsea helped me to work through my thoughts and gave me tools to do so on my own. These tools are becoming a regular practice in my life and I couldn't have done it without her.”

- Madison Kronheim

But above all, my clients feel so good. They love themselves. They don’t live their life ruled by shame and fear of not having enough money, not being good enough, not knowing enough or being ready. They do work that lights their souls on fire - and get paid massively well to do that work.

Take a moment and imagine all of these things happening in your life. This can be you reality, when you’re ready to make it happen.


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soul healing + energetic mastery to help you redefine what’s realistic and go from surviving to thriving in life, love + business.

I’m Chelsea Quint - healer, coach, mentor, speaker and author.

I help big-dreaming, visionary humans go from surviving to thriving to achieve their highest potential and create a life, love and legacy they’re obsessed with.

I help multi-passionate, big-hearted people like you heal their past pains and take massive action toward your big vision - for your life and for the world. I help you turn your dreams into reality - no matter how ‘unrealistic’ those dreams might seem.

I help you become the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest version of you - because I know that people who feel good, do good. And I’m here to bring more good to our world.