Newsflash: you are a magical being made of fucking stardust.

And it is my job to help you become mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally stronger. (AKA help you see yourself as the rest of us do!)

You know that buying more kale or a new gym membership or getting on the 'right' diet isn't the solution. But you aren't sure what to do instead.

Here's the key: Once you love yourself, the rest comes easy.

I help women who want health + happiness heal from within, fixing their relationships with themselves so we can heal their relationships with food, spirituality, fitness... you name it.

I'm here to help you get to the bottom of WHY you keep saying 'oh yeah, I wish I could find time to do X.' To meditate. To practice yoga twice a week. To cook at home. To learn new recipes. To get a massage. To sleep in. You name it, I've heard it.

The thing is, you don't find the time. You make it. And I'm here to help you make the time, and to figure out what's been stopping you.


Step one for most folks is a breakthrough session – to make sure we're a fit and start getting your head in the game.  From there, we'll pick the program that works best for you.

Ready to go? Choose your own adventure from the packages below.

    The Breakthrough*

    I’m sick of seeing women who are terrified that if they slow down for a second, someone will call them out and finally confirm their deepest fear: that they’re not enough.

    Smart enough, fast enough, skinny enough, pretty enough. A good enough mom, wife, partner, friend, lover... I think that's bullshit.

    Don't believe me? Grab yourself a discovery call and let me convince you.

    The world is waiting. Are you in? (1 x 30m session)

    *I'm currently not taking new clients, but please fill out an application and you'll be the first to know when my calendar opens up!

    food + fitness Freedom

    Designed for women who have 1-2 laser focused areas they want help and guidance in, this quick start session is designed to offer intensive, focused guidance and education around one specific area. This is perfect for those who want specific guidance around nutrition, exercise, self-care and meditation or yoga. (1 x 90m session)





    THE Makeover

    It's my purpose to pull the belief that you are enough to the surface, and connect you to your perfect, divine inner light.

    I'm here to hold your hand while we clear the muck away – the muck that comes from years of negative self talk, picking up limited beliefs from our parents, friends, teachers, society. From years of shitty food and not moving our bodies lovingly. From years of stagnation. Of being stuck. Of fear.

    You are meant for so much more than that shit. I know it for sure, and when you know it too, I'm ready to help you make the shifts and create a life beyond your wildest fucking dreams. It's your time. Are you ready to make it happen? (12 x 50m sessions)    

    Want to know What other people think about working with me?

    I love every single one of the amazing clients I've worked with, and am so grateful for their kind words. Check out what a few of my clients have said.





    After each session, you'll walk away with:

    • 1-3 customized action steps including self-care techniques, personal development tools, mindset homework, healing practices, recipes, detox guides, meal planning and more
    • Confidence + a newfound love for life and for yourself
    • Practical tools via recordings, videos, notes and worksheets
    • The bounce in your step that comes with fresh excitement and accountability
    • Renewed energy and radiance from being supported and heard

    I've helped my 1:1 coaching clients

    • Understand what's triggering unhealthy food relationships
    • Develop body love and self-confidence
    • Eat intuitively and stop emotional eating for good
    • Reclaim a relationship with spirituality that fits their life
    • Create an exercise routine they love
    • Add self-care to day-to-day life
    • Replace breakouts with glowing skin
    • Beat sugar addictions and caffeine cravings

    Ready to get started on your health journey right now? Join the Well Soul Collective to get access to everything you need to become emotionally, mentally and physically stronger. The Collective Members only portal includes two monthly masterclasses and past masterclass archives, HIIT and yoga workout videos, guided meditations, workbooks, journal prompts and more. 

    Interested in starting your own coaching business? Learn my about my mentoring + business coaching program.