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Worthy is the four month group coaching intensive for women who are ready to heal, master their energy and finally feel worthy of the life, love and business of their dreams.

For the woman who KNOWS the everything is energy, understands that she’s got to let go of old patterns and heal her stories, and is ready to fall in love with herself, her work and her life.

For the woman who is ready to go from just surviving to THRIVING.

If you want more money, pleasure, sex, joy, confidence, self esteem, creativity, clarity, intuitive guidance and connection to the divine within you, then Worthy was made for you. Apply to save you spot.


Hey goddess, Chelsea here.

I spent a long time feeling like I was broken. Thinking things were just harder for me. I though that struggle, resistance and trauma were just how my life was going to go for me.


I was living in survival mode… it felt like I was on a treadmill that kept getting faster and faster. I was exhausted, but it felt like I couldn’t stop running and doing ALL THE THINGS because I’d be thrown off the treadmill and everything would fall apart.

And then I found this spiritual world… I cracked open the personal development world and I felt relieved. But the more I dove into this world the more I felt like I truly was broken. Like everywhere I looked people were saying affirmations and journaling and suddenly going from 0 to the most incredible life, all the money and the massive income + impact they craved.

If they could do it, and they were taking the same courses, reading the same books, trying the same things…

Then what was wrong with me?

Do you ever feel like…

  • You’ll know enough and be good enough to do/have/be what you want?

  • You’re constantly trying to prove yourself to clients, bosses, partners, friends, family, even yourself?

  • No matter what you do, things still don't

  • You're doing all the things and trying to manifest like crazy, but seeing ZERO results

  • You suffer MAJORLY from comparisonitis, and are constantly joining the new Facebook group, downloading free courses and eyeing the next program…. secretly wondering if THIS thing or person has the secret to unlock your next level in life, love and business.

  • feel blocked by your trauma, past pain and stories.

  • you’re majorly burned out because even though you preach about FLOW, you’ve been stuck in the hustle and are terrified to stop or pause because it feels like it’ll never happen for you

  • Everyone around you has their shit together, knows more and is killing it in all the areas you want to 

And do you...

    • regularly explain shitty experiences by saying, ‘this is just how things work for me. This is how it’s always been.”

    • feel like you’ve got something to prove; you have to learn more, earn more, do more to be worthy of what you desire

    • ever feel like 75% of you has faith that the Universe has you’re back… but 25% wonder if the Universe just forgot about you?

    • want to shift out of survival mode for good… but feel unsure what it would even look like to thrive in every area of your life?

Well then dear one, I have to tell you about my group program, worthy.

Worthy is your divinely downloaded roadmap to worthiness, healing, connection to the divine. It’s your path to abundance, connecting to your soul’s wisdom and creating a life, love and business you’re madly in love with.

Here’s how it works…

  • 16 weeks of deep healing, energetic mastery and cocreative magic

  • 14 x Group Mentorship calls

  • 4 x 1:1 Mentorship calls (you can schedule them whenever you need them)

  • Deep dive into each of your seven primary chakras, uncovering core developments and rights, traumas that affect each chakra, common blocks and healing practices

  • Chakra clearing meditations and guided practices to clear your field and make space for your manifestations

  • Human Design trainings to understand your cosmic blueprint and tune into the desires of your soul, your unique gifts and how you’re meant to bring them to the world

  • Rebuilding your foundation to remove lack, scarcity and low self-worth energy from your nervous system

  • How to activate your liberation current and manifestation currents to create anything you desire

  • Tapping practices to heal and balance each chakra

Here’s the deal. I have been the girl, the woman, the partner, the wife, the business owner who felt ALL OF THESE THINGS. 

It felt normal to be in a constant state of mild anxiety around my life, my relationships, my business. Wondering if I hadn’t heard from this friend because she hated me suddenly for some unknown reason. Panicking over having to look at my bank account and worrying about whether we’d be able to pay rent. Stressing that my clients hated me and I wasn’t doing enough and OMG what if everyone thinks I’m a fraud. 

^^^ that was the constant state of my life. A general buzz of anxiety, fear and panic layered over literally every facet of my existence. 

It was like a big game of Whack-a-Mole. Jumping from one spike in my anxiety and fear to the next. Never feeling totally safe. Totally supported. Totally okay. 

It didn’t feel safe to slow down, to pause, to breathe. Like if I stopped hustling, pushing, holding all the pieces of my life together then it would all fall apart.

This was true EVEN WHEN I had over $200,000 in the bank, a full roster of clients and was in the best shape of my life. 

Why? Because if the inside doesn’t match the outside, you will never be able to relax into the freedom, abundance, love and flow you’re meant for. 

Because I didn’t feel worthy.

This is not a cash flow problem. This is not a debt problem. This is not a structure or strategy or relationship or home life problem. 

This is a worthiness problem. 

If you have rollercoaster results. Are in a feast or famine cycle - manifesting everything you desire, then seeing it fade away the next month. 

Or you’re exhausted from doing all the things, but you feel like you CAN’T stop because if you do it’ll never happen for you…

Then dear one, it’s time… 


We’ll spend two weeks on each chakra.

  • During the first week, you’ll identify the limiting beliefs and energy leaks living in each chakra and learn tools to heal those patterns.

  • In the second week, you’ll tap into the energy of your soul within each chakra and download higher frequencies of love, joy, abundance and worthiness in each chakra, and thus each area of your life.

This program is about rewiring your nervous system - clearing out the patterns of low-self worth that are leaving you feeling stuck, unsupported, blocked and burned out. And reprogramming the frequencies of worthiness to make you truly magnetic.

Let’s have a talk about worthiness. 

Everything is energy - and the only thing between you and the life, love and business you desire is frequencies. 

If you don’t have the income, influence, and impact you desire right now, there’s only one reason why… 

you don’t feel worthy of it… yet. You’re not holding the frequency of worthiness that aligns with manifesting the money, clients, partner, community, impact, job or clarity you desire.

It’s that simple. 

And because I don’t want to live in a world where most women are held back by massive worthiness wounds, I decided to do something about it. 

WORTHY is a 4 month intensive designed to download the frequencies of love, joy, peace and abundance into every area of your life. 

We use the chakra system to move through every area of your life - work, money and material abundance, self worth and boundaries, sex, love and romantic relationships, friendships and family love, connection to your mission, your voice, your intuition and to the divine. 

You’ll learn how to diagnose your energy leaks, identify your worthiness wounds and heal them… for good. Then you’ll reprogram each chakra with the frequencies of love, worthiness and abundance to become a match for the life you desire. The life you deserve.

Is your heart telling you to join us?

In my book, that’s the best guidance there is. But if you’re the sort who likes all the details, read on the learn more about how we’ll move through this program.


Only 3 spots left!

Have a question about whether Worthy is for you? Apply for an activation call here and we’ll jump on the phone to chat!

** Feeling called to join us, but have questions about the investment options? Reach out to team@chelseaquint.com with details on why you want to join us and what monthly investment you’d be able to make. If you’re ready for the work, I want to work with you.

The investment for Worthy is $3,500, or 4 payments of $1,111. Extended payment plans are available. Apply for details.