Thank you, beautiful human, for making your way here. Look over these meditations, and see which you feel most drawn to. I’ll suggest two ways to use this album:

  1. Listen to the first meditation you’re drawn to, and practice that meditation every day for the next 21 days. Track any observations, shifts and downloads your experience in a journal, and celebrate your expansion three weeks from now.

  2. Listen to all three meditations, and rotate through based on which feels most needed each day for the next 21 days. As with the above, I' encourage you to track your shifts and progress in a journal - be in the research of your own journey. Notice self sabotage, limiting beliefs and fears that pop up, resistance to meditating, judgements of me or my voice, incredible downloads and ideas, feelings of warmth and expansion in your body and heart space - whatever it is, log it all!

These meditations are yours forever - bookmark this page and come back to them when you need them.

After 21 days of practice, you can add to your meditation practice with my full meditation album - details and meditation descriptions here.


Healing Light Meditation


Future Visualization MEDITATION


Healing the Heart Meditation