You know that list of things that you always say you want to be doing?

I really should wake up earlier so I can meditate.

I really want to meal prep and cook more of my meals at home instead of eating out all the time.

I really need to sit down and finish that course/workshop/book.

To all of my fellow course-hoarders, Amazon-obsessed book fiends, ambitious, passionate dreamers - I made this for you.

Finally, a course to actually teach you HOW TO FINISH ALL THE THINGS.

Mindset Mastery // Follow Through is the first of my Mindset Mastery workshops - it’s first because it gives you the foundational habits, tools and healing you need to get through any of the rest of my self study tools.


This workshop takes you through 21 days of practices, subtle shifts, self discovery and reprogramming so you can finally become someone who follows through and achieves everything you set your mind to.

Follow Through guides you through a combination of deep healing tools, practices and action steps based in psychological research on what exactly pushes us to create change and make things happen.

do you…

  • Have a stack of books and digital courses sitting half finished… and yet you’re here considering buying another one?

  • Constantly want to learn all the things and are looking for the next best way to achieve your desires?

  • Never feel like you’re getting enough done in a day - and constantly beat yourself up for not doing enough?

  • Struggle to achieve your goals, even though month after month you declared that THIS will be the time things change?

  • Keep crossing things off of your to do list each day, only to feel like it keeps getting longer?

What you’ll learn:

  • What actually creates follow through (and how to create it within yourself)

  • Where your energy leaks and productivity blocks are - and how to release and reprogram them

  • How to set up your environment to create follow through and momentum toward your desires and dreams

By the end of this workshop you will…

  • Release your major blocks to follow through and achieving your goals

  • Reprogram your nervous system to believe that you achieve everything you say you will - from finishing a course or project to hitting your money goals to calling in an ideal partner (this is a major manifestation tool)

  • Unlock your motivation - which is a true key to achieving what you desire

  • Solidify habits and accountability around the daily action steps you take toward your goals

energetic exchange

In an effort to keep all of my work affordable, I ask that in addition to the financial exchange you support my work by sharing your experience, growth and shifts within the course on social media.

Per industry standard, and due to the nature of this program, no returns or refunds can be processed. Please review full terms & conditions before purchasing any product.