The only way to get to your big goals and your big why is to take regular, inspired, aligned action. We’re going to use Parkinson’s Law to rewire your schedule and make magic happen.

Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s Law states that work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

Meaning it will take you as long as you have to finish a project or task. Or if we reverse that, you’ll complete project in the amount of time you allot for it.

We can use this to amp up you productivity and your progress toward the things that matter to you.

Look back at what you discovered from your time tracking and your journaling.

Where are you procrastinating and avoiding? Where are you self sabotaging? Make a list in your journal.

Then, look at your goals and intentions - your big WHY. What are the smaller actions, tasks and projects that will get you there?

If you’re feeling stuck on what actions to take, post in the group and tag me!

As you start making your daily do lists, include 1-2 of those smaller action steps to your list, then apply Parkinson’s Law to each step.

What that means is create a deadline and a certain timeframe in which you’ll complete that task.

Say you plan on writing a blog post or doing some research on starting a new company. You’ll write that down on your list, then look at your schedule for the day and decide when specifically you’ll do it.

Give yourself a specific time frame - say you start with an hour or half hour - then set a timer when you’re doing it.

If you find you need more time, set additional timers in increments of 20 minutes (this is called the Pomodoro Technique) until you finish the task.


Part of following through is building up a healthy, clear relationship with your time and how you spend it - and sealing up any leaks in your energy.

By applying Parkinson’s Law to your schedule - specifically to the most important tasks that support your big why - you’ll be sealing up those leaks and continue to develop a healthy relationship with your time.

You’ll also be able to discover any resistance to productivity and to doing what it takes to get to your big why and achieve your goals. Continue to notice any limiting beliefs and take them through your journaling process. We’ll go even deeper with clearing those beliefs in Lesson Six.

Share your daily action step with the group, and tag me with your questions, breakthroughs or celebrations!