Body Talk

Body Talk

What is your relationship with your body like?

For most of my life, I hated my body. I would criticize every bit of cellulite, every stretch mark, every wrinkle or blemish. I'd long for a thigh gap or to lose just a few pounds, or that I had slightly bigger boobs or smaller hips.

I thought it was weirdly proportioned, too pale, too pudgy. That my calves were too big and I had cankles, that my thighs were way too thick and my boobs weren't big enough.

And perhaps the craziest part? I have a rocking body - at least based on western standards of traditional beauty. But still, I struggled to love what I saw in the mirror, to have any gratitude for my physical form. That story of not good enough ran deep to my core,  and it was a hard one to shake.

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